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Conforma® is a GMP and ISO 13485 certified pharmaceutical company specializing in the production and conditioning of semi solids and liquids. With an experienced team of experts and scientists, we provide the global market with contract manufacturing services ranging from formulation and development to delivery of finished product, with an emphasis on small to medium batch series as well as clinical trial quantities. You can find our expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies at work in some of today’s prescription drugs (Rx), over-the-counter drugs (OTC), and medical devices. We maintain a high focus on client satisfaction and adhere to strict government-regulated quality control procedures.

Conforma N.V. - Zenderstraat 10 - B-9070 Destelbergen - Belgium
Privacy Policy

Should you like to report any undesired incident regarding one of our medicines, please contact your doctor and/or local pharmacist. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via the following email address: